1/ Bratislava & Devin Castle

We start the tour showing you the most important places and historic sights of the city and continue with a drive along the Danube to the magnificent ruins of the Devín Castle.


2/ Musical Bratislava

Take a tour with a music guide expert and discover Bratislava through its rich musical history and present…

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3/ Bratislava by Night

Experience the city in the evening, watch the historic and present sights in the night lights.

4/ Wine Tour

A half-day tour to a Small Carpathian region which has been known for its wine since Roman times. We drive you through the ancient royal wine towns.

5/ Jewish Bratislava

Visit the city´s Jewish sights and get to know the history of once very important community of Bratislava. You will visit the Mausoleum of Chatam Sofer

6/ Guided Bike Tour & River Cruise

Only on a bike you can view all the different faces of Bratislava and see remnants of Iron Curtain and bunkers from WW 2.

7/ Iron Curtain Cycle Trail

Bike tour through th city and the Iron Curtain, featuring WW2 and Cold War remnants.

8/ Imperial Palace Hof

Discover the magical world of the Baroque in one of the most magnificent country noble seats of the Habsburg in Austria.

9/ Segway Tour

Looking for quick, convenient and fun way to explore Bratislava?